All successful home renovation projects start with a plan. New homes cannot be built without blue-prints, so why would a home remodeling or addition project be any different? A detailed set of plans describes exactly what is happening and when so that each person working in your home clearly understands their scope and expectations. But to have plans, you must start with design!

our process denver remodeling companies

Reach out and connect! We will listen to your project goals to help determine if we would be a good fit for you. We send a project manager and designer to your Colorado home to meet with you and view your project. They will listen to your needs and wishes for your project. Our team of general contractors are experienced in the building codes in your area and will be able to advise you what is possible structurally and from a permitting standpoint. They will describe to you in detail how we work at Active Design & Build and what the process will be like. After this meeting, the designer will create a 3D model of your remodel project and work with our estimating team to come up with a cost proposal. You’ll receive our proposal with an initial design rendered in 3D.

our process denver remodeling companies

If you like the design and the price in the proposal, all that is left is a sections meeting where the designer will help you pick out your finish items like tile, pluming fixtures, cabinets, countertops and paint colors. For larger residential remodeling projects we typically like to meet with you a few more times to help you explore the possibilities for your space, define the exact scope of the project, and work with you to meet your needs and budget objectives.

Design Collaboration Meeting: this is the first meeting after the Initial Consultation. View your space in 3D, move walls around and explore the possibilities with the interior designer in order to finalize your design.

Selections Meeting: rather than being overwhelmed at the big box stores, our interior designer will bring to you in-home curated samples based on your style, taste and budget. Selections are usually done in one to two in-home meetings and sometimes we take you on a shopping tour!

Once you have your design complete we will notate complete blueprints for your project that outlines a detailed scope of work for every aspect.

our process denver remodeling companies

Once we sign a contract and choose a start date, we schedule the pre-construction meeting. Usually held 1-3 weeks your home renovation project starts, this is where we bring the key team members all out to your house at the same time to get their eyes on the space and plan their respective work scopes. At the second half of this meeting we sit down with you and your project coordinator and discuss the construction process and expectations.

The first day of your project is spent protecting your house from dust and setting up secure access for our team members. All homeowner provided items need to be purchased and on-site by this day. Your project coordinator will open all the boxes and packaging to double check everything is correct and has not broken in transit.

Phase I: This is the first phase of the project where we complete demolition, excavation, and concrete work.

Phase II: This is where the bones of your space come together. Here we complete the framing to define the walls and separation between rooms, our HVAC specialists run ducting as required, the plumber roughs-in the connections for new fixtures like toilets, sinks, shower and more. Next the electricians come in and install the lighting, switches, outlets, fire detection and more. We pass all major Colorado city and county inspections at the end of Phase II such as mechanical, electrical and plumbing. Then we put up drywall and move on to Phase III.

Phase III: This is the finish-work phase of your remodeling project where your space starts to come to life. It is here where we bring in trim carpenters, tile setters, countertop fabricators, masons, carpet installers, flooring experts, painters, glass installers and more. At the end, we give your space a good clean and hand over to you your newly remodeled space!

our process denver remodeling companies

We proudly offer a 5 year warranty on the labor and materials that we supply throughout your home remodeling project. If you experience any issues, just give us a call or submit a warranty claim through our app with photos of the situation. We keep all data from your renovation project, including daily progress photos which enable us to “go back in time” to diagnose the root of a problem in order to send out the correct solution right away. So relax, you’re in good hands!